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  •  Winter

February 27, 2021 Celebrating with Hannah and Cole this weekend was absolutely incredible!!! It was our first time working with Sweet Blessings in Flomatin, and we can't wait to be back with their team again! The day started off rainy, but as soon as we were ready for pictures, the clouds parted and gave us the most gorgeous pocket of light and we were all losing

I first walked onto the Izenstone property in Spanish Fort with Amy and her mom back in December of 2018. I think it’s the first time that 3 people fell in love all at the same exact time!! We all walked around the venue and everywhere we turned, there was something even more incredible than the last!! And just the light and joy that the

For most people, shooting pool is just a fun time…but for Brandi and Jeremy, it’s where they met and it changed their lives!! If you are lucky enough to know these two, and witness them together you can see how evident their love for one another. SO beautiful to watch!! I met the two of them and we got to talk ALL about their big