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  •  Winter   •  Pelletier Wedding

Pelletier Wedding

For most people, shooting pool is just a fun time…but for Brandi and Jeremy, it’s where they met and it changed their lives!! If you are lucky enough to know these two, and witness them together you can see how evident their love for one another. SO beautiful to watch!!

I met the two of them and we got to talk ALL about their big day over coffee last summer. Within minutes, it felt as if we were old friends just hanging out and from that night, I couldn’t wait for December so that I could celebrate with them!!!

I’m starting out this blog recap with their portraits because, well, I’m slightly obsessed and want to share them with the world! So elegant and romantic I just can’t even!

Congratulations you guys!! I am SO excited for you both and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for your family!!!! It was an honor being a part of your day!!