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  •  Summer   •  Hodges Wedding

Hodges Wedding

Beach wedding and outdoor reception…and then throw in constant weather alarms going off, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, tornado watches, 30 mile per hour wind gusts…I have to admit I was getting a little nervous about this one you guys. Almost as if Meagan knew something we all didn’t; this bride never even considered changing her plans for the day that she had been dreaming about for years and it paid off!!! 20 minutes before ceremony time, the skies cleared up and the evening turned absolutely beautiful!!

I first met Meagan, her mom and a few family members at a coffee shop for her bridal consultation when they were in town to knock some wedding planning out for her beach destination wedding last year! Getting to hear all about her plans, how she and her fiance had met and the vision that she had for her Spring wedding…oh I just couldn’t wait!!!

During all of the weather excitement, I was able to witness Meagan and Paul’s family work harder than any group of people I’ve ever seen to pull off this gorgeous day!! They are SO blessed to have such a strong support system surrounding them!! Congratulations to you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and memories!